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Mitch's Block
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Membership Dues can be made at any time; Monday thru 10 PM CST Sunday. We are currently using Elemental Earth for 15k found in the auction house. Buy only from Mitch or Earl. You can ONLY buy up to 4 weeks at a time.

These donations go toward vouchers, gems, surplus, influence or genie gifts as needed to help the guild hall level up! We also get strong box keys usable for Surplus/Gem's/Influence boxes that drop randomly after dragons.

It is still encouraged that you help donate these other items when you can so we can level up quicker as a team!

After 3 weeks of non-compliance, we will be forced to kick you. You are welcome to come back at any time when you can pay back the weeks you have missed as well as the current week so you are ahead.
Death To The Unsuspecting Code of Conduct
(DTTUCC forum Link)

This document serves as the guidelines for member conduct during online gaming, secondly it is an addition to the Terms of Service for and the online forums found there. If you are a new member, these are the rules. If you are an existing member, these are the rules from this point on. Membership within the Death To The Unsuspecting (DTTU) gaming guild is synonymous with membership to In this document the terms “Death To The Unsuspecting”, “DTTU” and “” are synonymous. If you are unclear about the following rules please feel free to contact an Officer for clarification.

The DTTUCC is intended to provide members of the Death To The Unsuspecting with clear expectations of their behavior. The goal of the DTTUCC is to create a positive gaming environment for all of our members. It is rare that a violation of the DTTUCC occurs or that it is invoked in a disciplinary fashion.

Death To The Unsuspecting is a mature guild comprised of individuals representing a diversity of age, race, geographical location, gender, social economic background, and gaming skill. The primary unifying traits which all members share are their passion for Neverwinter and the desire to be a member of a group that emulates that passion. We were established in 2015 on the foundation of competitive spirit, mutual respect, and camaraderie. Death To The Unsuspecting has been a respected and rapidly growing guild and it is our goal to continue this expansion while maintaining our elite reputation in Neverwinter.

Breaking these Rules and Regulations of Death To The Unsuspecting carry penalties. These can range from a Verbal warning to dismissal from Death To The Unsuspecting depending on the seriousness of the transgression and the findings of the OverLords on investigation.

Governing Rules and Regulations
1. HAVE FUN – Let’s face it, that’s why we’re all here. You didn’t download the game to be miserable playing it. And we wouldn’t spend all this time working on this guild if we didn’t enjoy the hell out of it and each other. We all have fun when we respect each other. Sure it can get intense in the heat of battle, but when the round ends, it’s nothing but “good game”.

2. Keep swearing and complaining to a MINIMUM – Remember, we are an adult guild. Swearing is not uncontrollable. Nothing wrong with it, we just don’t feel that a constant barrage of profanity is fun to listen to while playing. If however you join a room of "Drunks and Misfits" and are told what to expect from the very beginning, leave the room. Likewise, don’t enter a room looking to “catch” another member acting inappropriately. We will not look kindly on this and the action taken may well be the reverse of what you were expecting. This goes for complaining as well. If you want to constantly complain about every little thing that happens to you in game, MUTE yourself. Whine and complain all you want to your TV. When you’ve gotten it out, rejoin those trying to have fun in chat and get back to laughing with the rest of us. Please note. If you allow a friend or Family Member to use your Gamertag, You are responsible for the actions of that person.

3. NO Racial/Political Slurs - First off, racism will NOT be tolerated in Death To The Unsuspecting. It's that simple. We don't use the "N" word or any other derogatory phrase towards any one person or that person’s country when playing or on the forums. On boards you will respect the members, their spouses and their countries. We don’t expect a church social, but use common sense. Also, this is a gaming guild, not a political arena. Do not assume that everyone shares your finely honed political acumen. We are a worldwide guild with a range of viewpoints. Debate is good, arguments and flaming posts are not.

4. In Active - All members are expected to be active both online and in the forums. We would appreciate that you stop by the forums periodically as it’s the best source for DTTU information. If you are going to be away for an extend period of time, tell us, and post it in the forums. We encourage all members to attend at least 1 guild meeting bi-weekly. It’s not mandatory for membership as we are aware real life responsibilities may get in the way but if you can make it to guild meetings please do so. If you decide to move on for whatever reason, as long as it is on good terms and handled with a staff member and or GL, you can reapply to the guild at a later date. Should you be asked to leave or if your departure from the guild is less than friendly you should consider your exit a permanent discharge from the Death To The Unsuspecting.

5. Promotions/Demotions - Promotions shall be based on a combination of factors and not just time in the guild. Lower ranks will be determined primarily by time of service (TOS) but not necessarily. How much you play and how much you post in the forums (not just spam and funny faces but true participation) will play a role in any decision. Officer ranks will be issued based on involvement, recommendations and will be determined by the GL. If you do become involved, such as assisting Officers in their departments, then you will be seen as a dedicated member and will be more likely to be promoted. We do try to maintain rank structure, but the needs of the guild will come first, so any jump in rank will be at the discretion of the GL. The same applies to demotions if such occasions should arise such as inactivity, not performing your job, or any other instances that are deemed contrary to the beliefs and foundations of DTTU and its members.

6. Complaints and Questions- Any complaints and questions should be made to an Officer via Private Message on Please do not post directly in the forum unless it is a general question or comment. For serious issues please respect everyone and take it offline. Threads/posts can be locked or removed at any time if an Officer deems the post inappropriate or hostile.

7. Violations of the Death To The Unsuspecting Code of Conduct and member misconduct- In the event that a member(s) has violated the DTTUCC or any other instances that are deemed contrary to the beliefs and foundations of DTTU and its members it shall, in the majority of serious cases, result in the formation of an Ad Hoc Disciplinary Team to investigate the issue and make a decision on any disciplinary action that may need to be taken against the member(s) involved. The Ad Hoc Disciplinary Team shall be comprised of the GL, and 2 Officers or CL's at the very least. The officers and/or CL's would be selected at random by the GL. Their purpose would be to collect information on the offense, discuss/debate the issue and determine punishment or other disposition of the incident. The individuals on this team should be somewhat removed from the incident. The formation of an Ad Hoc Disciplinary Team is left to the discretion of the staff.

8. Overlords - This is where the “buck stops”. All issues and decisions that cannot be handled by the previous rules and remedies will land in the GL meeting room. The GL will make the final decisions regarding all unresolved guild matters there. If you become one of these unresolved matters, you may be invited to join the meeting, or someone from the Officer corps will be asked to represent you. No other guarantees of representation or redress are implied here. All decisions of the GL is final until we decide to change our mind.

9. The GL of Death To The Unsuspecting reserve the right to amend the Death To The Unsuspecting Code of Conduct at will.

10. Forum use – The DTTU forums are for our members. The following is not allowed: Self-promotion, selling products, multiple postings of same original post multiple times, abuse of the forums when posting, or general boorish behavior. We are more than happy to help our brothers and sisters with real life and we simply ask that you contact us prior to posting.

11. Any use of “DTTU”, “Death To The Unsuspecting”, logo’s, symbols, video’s or other items associated with DTTU or the guild, promotion of DTTU/guild without the consent of the GL’s, is prohibited."

Addendum to the DTTUCC

The purpose of this addendum is to give you information that will allow you to get the most enjoyable experience out of you membership with Death To The Unsuspecting. It will also provide you with a look at how the upper ranks of Death To The Unsuspecting are structured. This addendum is to be considered part of the DTTUCC and you are expected to abide by any regulation found in the addendum.